Invaluable Vegetation Control Services

Taking care of vegetation management for areas like utility and fence lines or substations and road sides is an important public duty. This is the best way to ensure that services for the public do not get interrupted. Over time wild vegetation that is not taken care of in these areas can become overgrown. This overgrowth can cause all kinds of problems. In some cases aggressive plants like kudzu can spread quickly and even completely cover structures. One common problem we find here at Greg’s Grass & Landscaping is that many of these tasks were once taken care of but then got dropped. Budget cuts or other issues lead to a lack of care and then no one picks up the slack. Taking care of this type of vegetation management is one of our specialties. Contact our landscaping company today so we can review the services we offer and help you decide what would work best for your project. Don’t keep putting off until tomorrow what we can take care of for your today.

Maintenance of Utility & Fence Lines

Utility and fence line maintenance is about creating a proactive plan to stay on top of overgrowth. If an area has been left uncared for over a long stretch of time the first step is to take care of clean up. This is also a good time to survey the area, once cleaned up, to check for any possible necessary repairs. From there we can then work with you to schedule a regular maintenance calendar. This will ensure that vegetation in this area never has the chance again to become overgrown. But we cannot get started until you get in touch with us.

Substations & Roadside Services

Substations and roadside maintenance are vital for public safety reasons. For substations it is also about making sure service is not disrupted. We have plenty of experience taking care of these types of issues so give us a call, today.

My lawn has never looked so beautiful. I am impressed with the team at Greg's Grass


– Adam W          Austin, MN

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