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Opting to make the transition to organic advantage living is not only smart and healthy but great for the environment and lakes. There are so many wonderful benefits that it only makes sense that we see more and more homeowners making this switch each day. And at Greg’s Grass & Landscaping we are thrilled to be able to be part of this process. Much of this lifestyle depends on how much of it you want to incorporate into your daily living as well as your own backyard. From growing fresh fruits and vegetables to starting compost piles to using only the most natural fertilizers there are plenty of options to consider. Whatever the reason or reasons are that you and your family want to go this direction we can help make that happen.  We use organic fertilizers to feed the soil, not synthetic fertilizers to applied the plant. Our local landscapers can also assist in taking care of lawn maintenance so the transition is smooth and successful for you. Contact us today to set up a time for a personal consultation.

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One of the important things to know about Greg’s Grass & Landscaping is what makes us the premier choice for landscaping, lawn care service and other related services in southern Minnesota. Since first launching in 2002 our number one commitment has been to offering the best quality work in all of the services that we provide. By doing this we are able to always take care of the customer better than anyone else.

Basics of Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a fairly simple process. All you do is punch thousands of small holes in your turf. Make no mistake, you should be aerating your lawn annually. It is a vital part of your lawn's overall health. Especially in Minnesota with our soil which is made up of...


Everyone thinks Austin lawn care services are not that difficult a task, that is until they try to take them on as a DIY project. There is a lot that goes into landscaping work and trying to create the perfect lawn. Even if you are fortunate to start off with a yard...


As summer draws to a close your yard becomes worn out from the summer heat and the dry air. It also needs to be replenished with nutrients that can prepare the soil for the upcoming spring season. This is why lawn preparation is extremely important for those who want...

I want to sign up for the same lawn care service I had last year. You did a great job of reviving our lawn.

– Al Meyer