Essential Hardscape Weed Control

Maintaining the look for the exterior of your home is also about hardscape weed control. Weeds certainly look unsightly but there is more to it than that. The main goal for taking care of weeds around your hardscape structures is to avoid damage. Weeds that are left to grow wild will begin to break apart whatever stands in their way, including walkways, patio floors, driveways and even walls. Many homeowners assume this is the type of task they can take on themselves, that is until they realize just how demanding a chore it can be. Neglect it even once and you could start to have problems. Not to mention you may not know what to look for or be taking care of all the right spots for weeds. Don’t waste your weekends with weed control, call our local landscaping company to schedule your service today!

Weed Control for Retaining Walls, Walkways, Parking Lots, Curb Areas & Other Hardscapes

Taking care of weed control for retaining walls, walkways and other hardscapes is something that should be taken care of by a trained and experienced professional. At Greg’s Grass & Landscaping we not only have all the requirements necessary for understanding wild plant life management we also build hardscapes. This means that we have a better understanding of the importance of this task and how to go about handling it. Never settle for less than the best when it comes to caring for your Minnesota home and property. We can offer you the best because we have been taking care of these types of tasks since launching the business in 2002. But don’t just take our word for it; contact us now and let us show you in person how we have become number one.

Hardscape Weed Control

Your life keeps you busy enough as it is – leave the hardscape weed control errands to Greg’s Grass & Landscaping team. We can set up a schedule so that you don’t miss treatments and are able to keep your yard looking perfect all year long. Letting this type of task to go uncared for can lead to expensive repair problems as opposed to a minimal upfront investment to keep things under control.

Weed Control

We want to help you enjoy your property through every season. Part of this means management of fertilizer and weed control.  But this service also ensures longevity and structural integrity of the hardscapes you have in your yard. Let us meet with you and discuss your options. From there we can help to develop an ongoing plan for service. Call today for your hardscape weed control and take back power of your yard.

My lawn has never looked so beautiful. I am impressed with the team at Greg's Grass


– Adam W          Austin, MN

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