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How Tall/short should I mow my lawn?

The very first and last mowing should be at least 2 inches tall.

Spring and fall mowing should be at least 3 inches tall.

Summer mowing should be at least 3.5 inches tall.

Are your products safe for Children & Pets?

We ony use immediate entry products, which means there is minimal wait time to reuse the lawn.  It is best to wait for the applied products to dry before entering whether they are organic or a pesticide.  We focus on improving the health of the soil by using organics, we use only the smallest amounts of pesticides needed.  Providing a safe, healthy lawn for your family and pets is our top priority.

How do I keep my lawn green all summer?

Here’s how….Water your lawn 3 times per week for one hour per area.  The best times to water are early in the morning or late afternoon.  The worst time to water (because it causes fungus to kill your lawn) is between 7pm and 2am.  Water after 7pm is very bad for the lawn.

We provide an Organic aeration application that will double the effectiveness of your watering.  Organic aeration allows more water to penetrate and be retained in the soil where the grass roots grow.

What do I do about Bare Spots In Lawns?

Fir year customers find that weeds are reduced in their lawn, both crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.  This may result in a number of bare spots where the weeds once grew.  The best solution for these bare spots is an over-seeding in late summer and fall seasons.  Many Lawn Science customers have found the existing grass will fill in these bare spots over a period of time.  If the bare areas are large or abundant, over-seeding is the quickest way to thicken the lawn.

When can I mow my lawn?

It is best to wait for at least one full day.  If you cannot wait a full day, please wait at least two hours for a liquid treatment to fully dry.  Most granular applications can be mowed immediately after the application as long as you are bagging grass clippings.

Are You 100% organic?

The nutrient part of our lawn care program is organic based.  We feed the lawn and build strong root systems with organics.  The control side of our programs uses small amounts of pesticides to control weeds and insects.  We have found that the best approach is to use organics to improve the quality of the lawn and reduce the use of pesticides to the absolute minimum to be effective