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Lawn care with Overseeding


To help keep your lawn looking the best it can, make sure you maintain it properly. With the option of overseeding, you can help take care of any current weeks, as well as prevent for future ones. Another way to help keep it in the best condition is to get rid of ticks, fleas, or grubs. If there are holes or top soil visible, you will want to make sure that the issues are addressed. You will want to select the right type of grass for your yard as well. Some types of grass need specific living conditions to grow in. So you will want to make sure that the grass you choose is able to survive in this climate. We can also help you decide what type of grass is right for your lawn. We can also help it to be in the best condition to grow beautiful.

Lawn Care

When you overseed your lawn, it will work best with a mechanical aerator. Contact us, and we can help get your lawn in the ideal condition. We can aerate the lawn 2 to 3 times, going in different directions. By doing this, it helps open up the soil to allow nutrients and water to reach to roots of the grass. During this time, the soil cores on top of the turf will help provide seed to soil contact. After aeration is done, make sure to follow up with an organic fertilizer. You will also want to remember that you are watering the grass sufficiently, so that grass can help grown into a healthy and new yard.


By taking care of the yard and grass correctly, you can get on the way to a greener and more gorgeous yard this summer. Make sure to contact us with any questions you may have about overseeding, watering, fertilizing, and aerating. We can help get your lawn to a beautiful and thriving condition.

Why Lawn Aeration is Beneficial for your Yard



To have a beautiful lawn, taking care and maintaining it is important. You will want to make sure that you mow, fertilize, and water the lawn on a regular basis. The nutrients will also need to go beneath the grass and reach the soil. When aeration is done to the lawn, it can help it to allow air and water to get beneath the grass. This will help it to grow better and healthier as well.

Reasons to have Aeration done

With aeration, you can help the grass roots grow deeper, and produce a stronger more beautiful lawn. When aeration occurs, the soil will be perforated with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. You can also help reduce any soil compaction that can happen over time. If the soil is compacted, it could have too many solid particles in a given area of the lawn. This will end up preventing the proper circulation of water, air, and nutrients within the soil.

Does your Lawn need it?

You may notice if the lawn needs aeration based on how it is used. If kids or pets run around on it frequently, it will lead to the soil becoming compacted. Another sign is if the lawn dries out quickly and has a spongy feel to it when you walk. The best time to have aeration down is during the growing season. This allows the grass to fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. When you start to aerate the lawn, you will want to do it after it rains. You will want to avoid it being completely dry. After aeration is done, remember to continue with basic lawn care such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing as recommended. If you have any questions about if your lawn should have this done, make sure to contact us.

Protecting your Lawn From Ants, Fleas and Ticks




When you protect your lawn from weeds and crabgrass, also keep in mind the insects and pests that you will need to watch for. Since they are so small, sometimes they go unnoticed. Fleas, Ants, and Ticks can all hide in the grass and it can lead to further issues in time. Having insects and pests can making going outside unpleasant. You may start to notice small bites, rash, or even a severe reaction to your skin. You can even contact us and we can help advise a treatment plan for your lawn.

Lawn Care from Ants, Ticks, and Fleas

One way to help prevent harmful pests is to make sure the landscape and lawn are in the best conditions. Shrubs should be cut close and trimmed. Also cut the grass short, as this allows more sunlight to reach the ground. This overall will make the lawn drier. If there is reduced moisture, then fleas, ticks, and ants will have a difficult time surviving. If you do notice insects, make sure to treat the yard where you see them. You will not have to treat the entire lawn and yard of your home.

Notice Issues

By controlling the insects in your yard, you and your family can enjoy the outdoors during the warm summer months. You can also avoid bites and allergic reactions. Sometimes a bite can lead to an illness or disease. If a tick bites you, make sure to watch for any signs of Lyme disease. This can cause a person unpleasant or even unbearable affects. Some signs are severe fatigue, flu-like symptoms, or a bull’s-eye rash where you were bit. Another disease transmitted by ticks is the POW virus, or Powassan virus. This can infect the central nervous system if you contract it. The brain can become inflamed, and sometimes it can lead to death. So if you are ever bit by a tick, make sure to be aware how you are feeling and look for anything unusual.

Does Overseeding your lawn prevent weeds?


Overseeding your lawn

Keeping your lawn in the best condition will help it look beautiful all summer long. When you overseed the lawn, it means you are planting new grass seed over existing grass. This will then help create a revived and newly green lush lawn that is also healthy. You can tell if your lawn is in need of having overseeding done to it. If there are patchy or weedy spots on the lawn, you may choose to overseed to help the lawn get back to being beautiful. One way to tell if your lawn is in need of it, if you notice bares spots making up less than half of the lawn. This is a more cost efficient option rather than laying all new sod for your entire lawn. It is also more time efficient as well.

Lawn Care

Now, in the spring is the perfect time to overseed. This gives the existing grass and also the dirt more time to shed any chemicals that could decrease the health and growth. You may have too many weeds in your lawn based on how you water it. Too much or too little of watering can cause weeds to grow. Also, if you set the lawn mower blade too low, while also not mowing enough. If the grass is not healthy, then weeds are sure to grow.

Weed Killers

While weed killers are an option for removing the weeds, they can be harmful for people and animals. Weed killers are also hard on the grass itself. If the grass grows dense and vigorous, then weeds will not have a place to grow. By having grass that is dense and a lush lawn, weeds are choked out and will not grow in the lawn. As the new grass starts to grow, let it get at least three inches before mowing it for the first time.

Why Overseeding the Lawn can be Beneficial



You will want your lawn to be green and lush, always looking the best it can. If you notice brown patches or grass on the lawn, overseeding may be something to try. Grass that begins to die out in spots can result in a lawn that looks poorly cared for. Always be sure to check to make sure the cause of the brown patches are not insect or disease related. If the lawn looks thin and has various brown patches, overseeding will help reduce this. The end result will be a beautiful green lawn to enjoy all summer long.

Know the Lighting it requires

When you look for grass for overseeding, remember to consider the light that will be in those areas. Certain seeds do better in bright abundant sun, while others do better in dim lighting. Depending on the type of seed will also determine when you should overseed. You will want to make sure to rake and aerate the seedbed where you want the grass to grow. It is also important to remove rocks, large sticks, and debris from the area as well. Using fertilizer along with the seeds will help it to grow the best it can. When you apply the seed, you can lightly cover it with soil. It is also common to leave it without any soil on top. After this is done, you can get back to the normal watering schedule for your lawn.


Always remember to keep heavy equipment or items off the areas you are trying to grow grass back in. Doing so can damage the new grass, and prevent it from growing properly or at all. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us so we can advise you on the best options you have for a beautiful lawn this summer.

Organic Fertilizer and the Benefits



To help keep your lawn healthy, you will want to have proper maintenance done for it. Fertilizing the yard is beneficial for a variety of reasons. One option you can have is to use organic fertilizer. This gives plants the nutrients they need, but in a more gentle way. The organic fertilizers come from minerals or plants that contain several nutrients to enhance the ecosystem of the soil. If you use synthetic fertilizer, it will not enhance the life of the soil or add organic matter. When you use organic fertilizer, it will release nutrients in the soil at a slower rate. These allows the plants to use them as they need them, and makes them last longer as well. Organic fertilizer is also less likely to burn the roots of young plants or grass.

Plant Growth

Having organic fertilizers will help to provide growth to the plant at a slower rate than chemical fertilizers. This can mean that you will be less likely to overfeed or burn the plants with fertilizer. First the fertilizers have to be broken by the soil bacteria so the plants can absorb them. This helps to make them to be more difficult to wash away in heavy rainstorms. It will also allow the plants to get the nutrients it needs over a longer period of time, rather than all at once.

Soil Improvement

You may also start to notice the soil improving over time as well. Using organic fertilizers will help the soil to keep and retain much of the moisture and nutrients needed. This is especially true from sandy soils. Chemical fertilizers can add more acidity into the soil, and kill microbes that are needed in the soil. If you have any questions about fertilizer or the benefits of organic, make sure to contact us.

How to Prevent Crabgrass on your Lawn



Spring will bring green grass, blossoming trees, and unfortunately weeds as well. One weed that you may see is called crabgrass. This weed typically starts to germinate when the soil warms up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds will then start to sprout in mid-spring. It is called crabgrass because it grows low to the ground. The stems will spread out from the center of the grass, looking like crab legs. This weed will grow in the thinner, bare spots of your lawn. Before it dies in the fall, the plant can produce 150,000 seeds during the growing season. These seeds will then germinated for the following spring, thus making it a difficult weed to control.

Preventing Crabgrass

The good news is you can prevent crabgrass for the lawn. If you care for the lawn and maintain it, the grass will choke out the weeds. Ideal growing conditions for turf grass is extremely important. Not only does it help prevent against weeds and crabgrass, but it also makes your lawn and yard look nice. There are some tips you can do to accomplish this. Make sure that you adjust the height on the mower so the grass can grow at the optimal level. The higher the grass is above ground, the longer the roots are, thus reducing room for anything else to grow. Aeration can also decreases the chance of crabgrass and weeds. Always remember to make sure that the soil has the proper amount of nutrients. Testing the soil can help you determine what is lacking.

What to do When you Notice it

If you do notice crabgrass, there are some things you can do in order to remove it. A pre-emergent fertilizer before the germination period begins can safely help to control crabgrass. If you happen to notice the crabgrass is already fully grown, you may need to wait until next season to treat it. Another option you have is to spray weed control herbicide on it. Make sure follow the label directions, spraying only the spots that need to be sprayed. By taking care of the lawn this spring, you can have a beautiful lawn this summer.

Grub Control in your Yard


Grubs can become a larger issue if they are not taken care of at the first sign of them. Lawn or white grubs are larvae of Scarab Beetles. These beetles are known as Japanese Beetles, June Bugs, or the European Chafers. You will notice the grubs because they are white, c-shaped, and have soft bodies. These grubs feed on the roots of grass and plants, causing the areas of grass to die. These grubs will eventually turn into beetles and come out of the soil. They will then mate, lay eggs, and they hatch into even more grubs.

Grub Problems

There are several signs you can notice you have a grub problem in your yard. If you notice animals like raccoons, skunks, or birds digging up your yard, they could be after the grubs. These animals love to eat them, and can create ruts while looking for them. You will also notice that some of the dead spots of lawn pull back easily and are loose. This is because the grubs eat the roots of the grass that help how the lawn in place. Another sign is if you feel the lawn is spongy when you walk across or step on it. Any issues with the lawn, could be caused by something under the surface.

Check the Lawn

You can check to see if you have grubs in the lawn as well. The first thing is to peel back a square foot of grass in a few areas throughout the lawn. Seeing five or more grubs in each area can indicate that it is time to treat for grubs. A lawn that is properly maintained can handle more grubs per square foot. Lawns that are not in adequate condition may show more dry spots throughout. If you want to make sure to get rid of the grubs, kill them before they hatch. This will also help prevent them from causing damage to your lawn. Preventative control products for grubs can be applied in the spring and early summer. Always remember to follow the directions on the label when you apply the products.


Snow Removal In Minnesota Is Vital To Keep Your Home Or Business Safe

Snow Removal In Minnesota Is Vital To Keep Your Home Or Business Safe

Snow Removal In Minnesota Is Vital To Keep Your Home Or Business Safe

During the wintertime here in Minnesota, every day we can see our community snow plows removing the snow from our roads. While we wouldn’t have it any other way than to have regular snow removal, it can present a problem when the snow is pushed into piles that block our driveways and sidewalks. When this happens, it’s up to the homeowner or business owner to remove the piled high dirty snow that’s now blocking the property. Whether it’s from fresh snowfall or the county or city snow plows, you’ll want to have your home or business walkways and driveways kept clear. There’s nothing worse than being snowed in, shut out, or closed down when snow gets in the way. As beautiful as it is, snow can become a nuisance for everyone involved when it isn’t removed properly. Ice begins to form as the snow melts, making the foot traffic areas and the driveways slippery and dangerous. Instead of dealing with unsafe sidewalks and driveways, Greg’s Grass & Landscaping can help you keep them clear of snow with our snow removal services in Minnesota.

Slip & Fall Deaths Nationwide

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury related deaths and are among the most common causes of traumatic brain injury for those 65 and older according to the National Safety Council? About 29,500 people died from falls in 2013, with about 2.5 million nonfatal falls treated in emergency rooms! While all these falls didn’t necessarily occur on ice, a good many did. Having your residential or commercial property regularly serviced with snow removal and salt applications will go a long way to keeping your home or business safe for everyone.

Regular Snow Removal Service

Snow Removal isn’t easy work unless you have the experience and equipment you need to work with it. Keeping the snow and ice buildup off your Minnesota surfaces is important for your home or business occupants. Whether you have visitors or customers, you don’t want to risk the chance of a dangerous accident on your property due to ice buildup or snow damages. This is the time of year for you to be thinking about finding a company who can give you competitive, honest rates for all you snow removal needs. Greg’s Grass & Landscaping can help you with all your snow removal needs and can set up a regular schedule to keep your exterior areas cleared of snowfall or dangerous icy conditions.

Salt Applications For Your Minnesota Home Or Business

Don’t take on the risk associated with slipping or falling due to ice buildups on your Minnesota property. Our professional snow removal services in Minnesota can include the application of salt to get rid of the ice on your sidewalks, porches, entryways, and driveways. Salt melts ice quickly and thoroughly, making the ice break up so it can easily be cleared away. Professional salt applications can make your business or home safer to enter and exit.


If you are looking for professional snow removal services in Minnesota, please call 507-377-1123

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One of the important things to know about Greg’s Grass & Landscaping is what makes us the premier choice for landscaping, lawn care service and other related services in southern Minnesota. Since first launching in 2002 our number one commitment has been to offering the best quality work in all of the services that we provide. By doing this we are able to always take care of the customer better than anyone else.

Tips For Tree & Shrub Pruning

Tips For Tree & Shrub Pruning

Seasonal Landscaping Cleanup

One of the important tasks to take care of around the exterior of the house is seasonal landscaping clean up. People always think of taking care of tasks like spring cleaning for the inside of their home but what about for the outside? As the seasons change it becomes apparent that certain tasks need to be taken care of for sprucing up your landscaping in Albert Lea, MN. Nothing makes professionally cared for landscaping look run down than lingering dead plants, grass cuttings and other accumulated debris. This can be especially true after winter. New spring growth is trying to make its appearance yet all that really gets noticed is the remaining mess that needs to be cleaned up. And that is where the professional landscapers here at Greg’s Grass & Landscaping gets the job done.

Seasonal Cleanup of Landscaping

The same holds true as fall and winter approach. Another beautiful summer comes to a close and as the weather begins to chill the leaves and petals begin to fall. Not only does this look unsightly but it can cause problems. If left to collect this blanket can remain damp and lead to problems like mold. Not to mention it can prevent new growth from being able to emerge again in the spring. This can also cause problems with the condition and growth of your lawn. So let us help by removing debris and getting your yard ready for the next season. We can even haul things to your compost pile or advise you on how to start one. Contact us today so we can meet with you to devise a plan of action for your Minnesota seasonal landscape clean up.

Minnesota Seasonal Landscape Cleanup

Another good reason for seasonal clean up is to prepare for your outdoor holiday décor. Before going all out on putting up your elaborate decorations you need to first do some exterior cleaning. Otherwise the only thing people will notice is the collection of decaying leaves and branches and not the sparkling light arrangement you worked so tirelessly on.

Seasonal Landscaping in Albert Lea, MN

Keep your home looking its best all year long by letting us take care of your seasonal landscaping in Albert Lea. Our goal is to take care of helping you to create the most stunning landscaping and be able to keep that look no matter what time of year it is. And while many homeowners think this is something they can do on their own, few ever get around to taking care of it on a regular basis. So let the pros here at Greg’s Grass & Landscaping take care of your seasonal landscaping clean up and other related tasks.

My lawn has never looked so beautiful. I am impressed with the team at Greg's Grass


– Adam W     Austin, MN

Latest from the Blog

One of the important things to know about Greg’s Grass & Landscaping is what makes us the premier choice for landscaping, lawn care service and other related services in southern Minnesota. Since first launching in 2002 our number one commitment has been to offering the best quality work in all of the services that we provide. By doing this we are able to always take care of the customer better than anyone else.