Your Lawn Deserves an Expert!

Have you heard the term “rescue applications”? That is what many competitors of Greg’s Grass have to do for their customers
annually because they do not include all the necessary steps your lawn needs. Rescue applications also increase your total
lawn care cost as they blame the weather, not themselves, AND EXPECT YOU TO PAY MORE. You deserve the knowledge and
experience that only Greg Stegenga brings to your lawn.

Most companies that provide fertilization and weed control use a one size fits all model. That means that everyone who signs up
gets the same application at the same time, every time. NOT AT GREG’S GRASS! Greg Stegenga has 30+ years of experience in
the lawn care industry. That experience taught Greg early on that, like a great doctor, you can’t treat the patient until you properly
diagnose the problem. It’s easy to make a lawn appear green by simply applying nitrogen and/or iron, but the underlying root
structure of your lawn is where the rubber meets the road. Those roots are your lawn’s digestive system, and if they are not allowed
to function properly, the nutrients being fed to your lawn will not deliver the long term positive results you deserve. How much
sun, what type of trees, is your soil sandy, ph level, nitrogen level, potassium level, clay, black dirt or a combination of many soils
types? Do you have an irrigation system or is that up to Mother Nature? All of these things contribute to creating the right lawn
care program for you. In some cases, Greg will suggest he perform a soil sample test to determine exactly what the make up of
your soil is before designing your program. It is a small extra charge, but normally well worth the investment to make sure the rest
of your lawn care program is doing what you expect it to do.

Greg’s Grass specializes in creating a custom program for your lawn—applying the earth friendly organic matter and micro
organisms to get the roots working their best. Then, based on the type of soil you have, applying the right nutrients and weed
control in the right quantities. Doing these things correctly translates to LESS PESTICIDES AND LESS HERBICIDES while enjoying
a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Greg understands the price of lawn care is important as well. He guarantees that lawn care program to lawn care program he will
not be undersold! BEFORE YOU HIRE any lawn care company, please compare programs with Greg’s Grass to be 100% sure
you are getting what you are paying for! THANK YOU!