Spring is yet to blossom, and very soon, summer will be here. Summer is the time of the year when you need to realize the effect that the hot temperature can have on the grass. For this reason, you need to hire lawn care services that will prepare your grass for the oncoming summer stress. The key to having a healthy lawn right through summer is a combination of having the correct lawn type, along with providing it proper care and irrigation.

Why Prepare for Summer?

Just a few minor changes in early spring, can get your lawn to stay healthy through the summer heat. It is never too early to prepare for the oncoming heat wave. Depending on your grass type, your lawn will react differently. This means that each different grass will respond to the summer heat differently. Nonetheless, the lawn will still need the same support structure to take care of itself.

Lawn Growth Curves

Cool season grass does most of their growth in the fall and spring season. In the summer and winter, this turf tends to shut down and stay stagnant in terms of growth. Whereas warm season turf will have a long ranging ramp during the summers and begin to grow rapidly.

For cool season grass, you will have days that are up over 90 degrees, depending on where you live. If you have Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye, keep in mind that they will not do very well once the temperature starts edging over 90. When you start having above-90 temperatures for several days in a row, then you will note that the grass will go into summer dormancy.

The reason they go into dormancy is because they can only tolerate a few upper limits. This is why they check out due to their defense mechanism. On the other hand, warm season turf is one that enjoys the heat. The more heat it enjoys the better for warm season grass. This is because they have a higher heat tolerance and grow optimally at higher temperatures.

Supporting your Grasses

Regardless of whether you have warm season grass or cool season grass, you need to support the grass in whatever state of flux that they are in. Building a good support structure for your grass will require you to start as early as possible.

This is because a good offence for the upcoming heat stress starts with a good defense which takes a long time to build. If you seek summer lawn care help today, you can start working on a good foundation. This way, when you do get to summer, you can be set up and your grass will make it through in the best way possible.