One of the many benefits of being a home owner is having your personal outdoor space in which you can spend quality time. However, it can fill you with the responsibilities of maintain the lawn. If you want to have a lush green lawn throughout the year, you will have to trim, mow and clean the bushes, plants and hedges according to their seasonal requirements. Below are some essential maintenance measures that help your lawn thrive in all seasons.

Get rid Of Weeds

To really get an idea of the overall health of your lawn, you have to make sure that it is free from weeds. Weeds are sprouting leaves that spring out of a large area of grass. They not only disrupt the aesthetic of your lawn, but they also utilize nutrient inside the soil, leaving little for the grass to consume.

This can result in yellow patches of in your lawn because of wilting grass. Getting rid of them involves spraying weed killers on the weeds. After you use the weed killer carefully on them, you will have to wait for them to die.

If you use a non-selective weed killer, this means that it will kill all plants, so you have to be very careful on which part of the lawn you spray the weed killer. If your weed condition is not very bad, then you can benefit from using a selective herbicide.

Improve the Quality of Your Soil

The soil that nurtures your lawn has a lifespan, and overtime, it will start showing signs of degradation. To improve your soil’s quality, you will need to dethatch with the help of a garden rake. This will help remove all the dead grass and leaves inside your lawn that are stopping moisture, water and air from reaching the roots. After dethatching, move over to aerating. This involves poking holes into the lawn’s soil in order to reduce soil compaction.


The number one tip when it comes to mowing the lawn is making sure that the grass is dry. Mowing wet grass will cause your grass clippings to clump. You should also be wary of the height of the grass when you are mowing it. As a general rule of thumb, make sure that you only cut one third of the length of the grass.


Watering is crucial to the condition of your lawn. The best ways to water your lawn is evenly and deeply. Make sure that you do not flood your grass with water, instead, provide your lawn with enough water so that it can easily reach the root system despite evaporation. Maintaining landscape does not only involve getting rid of weeds, but a whole range of other things. Your lawn needs good amount of love and care along with a plenty of patience to withstand the rough weather conditions and look aesthetically appealing to your neighbors.