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To have a beautiful lawn, taking care and maintaining it is important. You will want to make sure that you mow, fertilize, and water the lawn on a regular basis. The nutrients will also need to go beneath the grass and reach the soil. When aeration is done to the lawn, it can help it to allow air and water to get beneath the grass. This will help it to grow better and healthier as well.

Reasons to have Aeration done

With aeration, you can help the grass roots grow deeper, and produce a stronger more beautiful lawn. When aeration occurs, the soil will be perforated with small holes to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. You can also help reduce any soil compaction that can happen over time. If the soil is compacted, it could have too many solid particles in a given area of the lawn. This will end up preventing the proper circulation of water, air, and nutrients within the soil.

Does your Lawn need it?

You may notice if the lawn needs aeration based on how it is used. If kids or pets run around on it frequently, it will lead to the soil becoming compacted. Another sign is if the lawn dries out quickly and has a spongy feel to it when you walk. The best time to have aeration down is during the growing season. This allows the grass to fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. When you start to aerate the lawn, you will want to do it after it rains. You will want to avoid it being completely dry. After aeration is done, remember to continue with basic lawn care such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing as recommended. If you have any questions about if your lawn should have this done, make sure to contact us.