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When you protect your lawn from weeds and crabgrass, also keep in mind the insects and pests that you will need to watch for. Since they are so small, sometimes they go unnoticed. Fleas, Ants, and Ticks can all hide in the grass and it can lead to further issues in time. Having insects and pests can making going outside unpleasant. You may start to notice small bites, rash, or even a severe reaction to your skin. You can even contact us and we can help advise a treatment plan for your lawn.

Lawn Care from Ants, Ticks, and Fleas

One way to help prevent harmful pests is to make sure the landscape and lawn are in the best conditions. Shrubs should be cut close and trimmed. Also cut the grass short, as this allows more sunlight to reach the ground. This overall will make the lawn drier. If there is reduced moisture, then fleas, ticks, and ants will have a difficult time surviving. If you do notice insects, make sure to treat the yard where you see them. You will not have to treat the entire lawn and yard of your home.

Notice Issues

By controlling the insects in your yard, you and your family can enjoy the outdoors during the warm summer months. You can also avoid bites and allergic reactions. Sometimes a bite can lead to an illness or disease. If a tick bites you, make sure to watch for any signs of Lyme disease. This can cause a person unpleasant or even unbearable affects. Some signs are severe fatigue, flu-like symptoms, or a bull’s-eye rash where you were bit. Another disease transmitted by ticks is the POW virus, or Powassan virus. This can infect the central nervous system if you contract it. The brain can become inflamed, and sometimes it can lead to death. So if you are ever bit by a tick, make sure to be aware how you are feeling and look for anything unusual.