Overseeding your lawn

Keeping your lawn in the best condition will help it look beautiful all summer long. When you overseed the lawn, it means you are planting new grass seed over existing grass. This will then help create a revived and newly green lush lawn that is also healthy. You can tell if your lawn is in need of having overseeding done to it. If there are patchy or weedy spots on the lawn, you may choose to overseed to help the lawn get back to being beautiful. One way to tell if your lawn is in need of it, if you notice bares spots making up less than half of the lawn. This is a more cost efficient option rather than laying all new sod for your entire lawn. It is also more time efficient as well.

Lawn Care

Now, in the spring is the perfect time to overseed. This gives the existing grass and also the dirt more time to shed any chemicals that could decrease the health and growth. You may have too many weeds in your lawn based on how you water it. Too much or too little of watering can cause weeds to grow. Also, if you set the lawn mower blade too low, while also not mowing enough. If the grass is not healthy, then weeds are sure to grow.

Weed Killers

While weed killers are an option for removing the weeds, they can be harmful for people and animals. Weed killers are also hard on the grass itself. If the grass grows dense and vigorous, then weeds will not have a place to grow. By having grass that is dense and a lush lawn, weeds are choked out and will not grow in the lawn. As the new grass starts to grow, let it get at least three inches before mowing it for the first time.