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You will want your lawn to be green and lush, always looking the best it can. If you notice brown patches or grass on the lawn, overseeding may be something to try. Grass that begins to die out in spots can result in a lawn that looks poorly cared for. Always be sure to check to make sure the cause of the brown patches are not insect or disease related. If the lawn looks thin and has various brown patches, overseeding will help reduce this. The end result will be a beautiful green lawn to enjoy all summer long.

Know the Lighting it requires

When you look for grass for overseeding, remember to consider the light that will be in those areas. Certain seeds do better in bright abundant sun, while others do better in dim lighting. Depending on the type of seed will also determine when you should overseed. You will want to make sure to rake and aerate the seedbed where you want the grass to grow. It is also important to remove rocks, large sticks, and debris from the area as well. Using fertilizer along with the seeds will help it to grow the best it can. When you apply the seed, you can lightly cover it with soil. It is also common to leave it without any soil on top. After this is done, you can get back to the normal watering schedule for your lawn.


Always remember to keep heavy equipment or items off the areas you are trying to grow grass back in. Doing so can damage the new grass, and prevent it from growing properly or at all. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us so we can advise you on the best options you have for a beautiful lawn this summer.