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To help keep your lawn healthy, you will want to have proper maintenance done for it. Fertilizing the yard is beneficial for a variety of reasons. One option you can have is to use organic fertilizer. This gives plants the nutrients they need, but in a more gentle way. The organic fertilizers come from minerals or plants that contain several nutrients to enhance the ecosystem of the soil. If you use synthetic fertilizer, it will not enhance the life of the soil or add organic matter. When you use organic fertilizer, it will release nutrients in the soil at a slower rate. These allows the plants to use them as they need them, and makes them last longer as well. Organic fertilizer is also less likely to burn the roots of young plants or grass.

Plant Growth

Having organic fertilizers will help to provide growth to the plant at a slower rate than chemical fertilizers. This can mean that you will be less likely to overfeed or burn the plants with fertilizer. First the fertilizers have to be broken by the soil bacteria so the plants can absorb them. This helps to make them to be more difficult to wash away in heavy rainstorms. It will also allow the plants to get the nutrients it needs over a longer period of time, rather than all at once.

Soil Improvement

You may also start to notice the soil improving over time as well. Using organic fertilizers will help the soil to keep and retain much of the moisture and nutrients needed. This is especially true from sandy soils. Chemical fertilizers can add more acidity into the soil, and kill microbes that are needed in the soil. If you have any questions about fertilizer or the benefits of organic, make sure to contact us.