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Spring will bring green grass, blossoming trees, and unfortunately weeds as well. One weed that you may see is called crabgrass. This weed typically starts to germinate when the soil warms up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds will then start to sprout in mid-spring. It is called crabgrass because it grows low to the ground. The stems will spread out from the center of the grass, looking like crab legs. This weed will grow in the thinner, bare spots of your lawn. Before it dies in the fall, the plant can produce 150,000 seeds during the growing season. These seeds will then germinated for the following spring, thus making it a difficult weed to control.

Preventing Crabgrass

The good news is you can prevent crabgrass for the lawn. If you care for the lawn and maintain it, the grass will choke out the weeds. Ideal growing conditions for turf grass is extremely important. Not only does it help prevent against weeds and crabgrass, but it also makes your lawn and yard look nice. There are some tips you can do to accomplish this. Make sure that you adjust the height on the mower so the grass can grow at the optimal level. The higher the grass is above ground, the longer the roots are, thus reducing room for anything else to grow. Aeration can also decreases the chance of crabgrass and weeds. Always remember to make sure that the soil has the proper amount of nutrients. Testing the soil can help you determine what is lacking.

What to do When you Notice it

If you do notice crabgrass, there are some things you can do in order to remove it. A pre-emergent fertilizer before the germination period begins can safely help to control crabgrass. If you happen to notice the crabgrass is already fully grown, you may need to wait until next season to treat it. Another option you have is to spray weed control herbicide on it. Make sure follow the label directions, spraying only the spots that need to be sprayed. By taking care of the lawn this spring, you can have a beautiful lawn this summer.