There are a lot of reasons to have tree and shrub pruning done for your landscape. Safety, aesthetics, and the health of the tree or shrub are the prime benefits for tree and shrub pruning. At some point in time, you invested in your landscape whether you purchased an already landscaped home or you had trees and shrubs planted yourself. The health of your investment is at stake if the landscape isn’t cared for properly. Pruning improves the health of your trees and shrubs. Many homeowners will make the mistake of planting the wrong species of trees or shrubs. If they are a species that will grow beyond the space available, they aren’t suited for the site and will have to struggle to survive. Or, you may have branches growing into the home or shrubs that block your walkways. Planting the right species is always important, otherwise sometimes the whole tree or shrub will have to be removed.

Remove Dead Branches and Overgrowth

Trees and shrubs will thrive when properly pruned. Getting rid of dead branches and overgrowth lets the tree or shrub concentrate on new growth, whereas if not removed, a plant will spend the energy trying to heal the dead parts. Once they’re gone, the plant will send the energy to create new leaves and branches. Removing dead branches that could fall and cause injury is also a safety concern. In many areas of the country, people call these dangerous limbs, “widow makers,” for good reason. Tree branches that fall from high levels can pierce right through you if they fall just right and heavy tree branches can crush your head.

Improve the Health and Beauty of Your Shrubs & Trees

Pruning for the health of the tree or shrub also helps to remove diseases or insect infestations. Plus, the airflow can be increased within the crown which will reduce some problems. Trees that fight for space with other trees should be pruned so there’s plenty of room for healthy growth. Improving the aesthetics is the main reason people tend to have their trees and shrubs pruned. Since it’s healthy for these plantings, they will be more beautiful with natural form as well as they are pruned for form. Young trees and shrubs should always be pruned for form. A knowledgeable landscaper will know exactly what needs to be done to guide the young trees and shrubs to proper growth. Tree branches with a narrow V shape can easily split on down the line as the branches get heavy. These should always be pruned. The tree structure is important as it grows tall because you don’t want to deal with these problems when the branches are large and thick. And, small branches should be removed up to the main branch areas with all downward growing branches taken off as well. Shaping the trees and shrubs when they’re young is an important pruning process. Greg’s Grass & Landscaping can take care of all your tree and shrub pruning. Our experienced landscapers can help you get your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful, and safe.