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As summer draws to a close your yard becomes worn out from the summer heat and the dry air. It also needs to be replenished with nutrients that can prepare the soil for the upcoming spring season. This is why lawn preparation is extremely important for those who want to keep their plant life looking vibrant all year long. Rather than waiting for April or May to arrive, the smarter solution is to begin cultivating your yard in late September through October. This gives your turf plenty of time to aerate, thus reducing compaction and allowing the fertilizer and water to feed the roots more effectively.

First Things First

Prior to any deep soil preparation, it’s important to begin with a fresh new palette. Now is the time for a full seasonal cleanup service in Albert Lea that entails several items on your to do list. Rather than waste precious time and money with a full-scale DIY project, it’s a smarter investment to hire a professional landscape company to do the job for you. With a qualified team working on your, you’ll get the results you’re looking for at a surprisingly affordable rate in half the time. An Albert Lea landscape company will have the proper equipment in order to perform the job to your exact specifications. Considering the time, the money, and the effort, it’s definitely worth the investment

Think About The Future

Complete fall preparation is more than just raking up a few leaves and picking up some debris. A good portion of what we do helps you to plan for next year’s growth. So creating a vision for what you want to your lawn and landscaping to look like in the spring is very important. Everything you do now determines what type of lawn you can expect once the warm weather comes back. Also, taking care of the details now will save you unneeded work down when it comes time for your spring plants to grow again.

Keeping Your Grass Healthy

Even though your yard is highlighted by beautiful florals and lush greenery, the one constant is your grass. Although the soil in Albert Lea is generally rich with nutrients, that doesn’t mean that it will always produce beautiful grass in the spring. Your landscape company can provide you with great tools for keeping you grass in great shape. Fertilizing your grass in the fall is a great time to feed it, because the temperature is at its prime for grass food. Sewing new seed also gives your grass a head start by establishing roots in the fall when the cool soil is filled with moisture.

Trimming and Pruning in The Fall

As any experienced Albert Lea landscaping company can tell you, pruning is essential for any plant to thrive regardless of the season. Lifeless branches, blooms, and buds can deplete water and nutrients from your plants while giving nothing back in return. When hiring a company to trim and prune your plants, make sure they are highly trained and skilled in trimming. Using the wrong method will ultimately kill any plant from a small flower to a large tree. Trimming is also an important step in preparing every plant in your yard for the upcoming winter and following spring. It’s an invaluable part of fall season cleanup.